Small Meditation Spaces

Many think that because they live in a small space, townhouse, apartment or studio, they can’t have a space for meditation. Take heart! That is not true. Here are some ideas on how you can create a space out of almost no space at all.

A small space in my loft office created to grab a few minutes of meditation when work gets stressful.
A small space in my loft office created to grab a few minutes of meditation when work gets stressful.

This little room is the loft office in my townhouse. I like to meditate sometimes when I’m working and need to just take a small break without making a big deal out of it. Quiet, spontaneous and sweet.

So I took a cool display wooden crate that I purchased from World Market when they were closing a store close to me. I placed it up against a small wall space so it doesn’t take up much room. Then I put some of my favorite inspirational things that I like to have in a meditation space: visually appealing, good energy and meaningful to me. I added a plant to soften the edges and make it more decorative – a silk plant that doesn’t need water and won’t smell like mold.

I placed two small crystals that help to hold the energy of the meditation practice, and a painting I did many years ago when on a small painting trip in California, good memories. And in the center is a tarot card given to me when I had a reading done in Sedona, Arizona. It’s Mary
Magdalene.  I’m not Christian, but was brought up one, so I still feel love and a connection. It fits perfectly in this small space as a real inspiration.

I use an old cushion that is stuffed with buckwheat and covered in dark silk fabric. When I’m not meditating I stuff it between the wall and the rattan couch so you can’t see it.

Do you have a dead end room that can’t be used for much else? Do like this person has, create a small meditation space with light, a plant, altar and crystal. Quiet, no traffic and perfectly elegant.

Here is a beautiful hard wood altar offered online at Here is what they have to say:

A perfect small space altar that can be closed when not in use.
A perfect small space altar that can be closed when not in use.

“Our altar cabinet, or butsudan, is a perfect centerpiece for your meditation practice. The altar shelf extends outward to give ample room for statues, candles, incense, etc., and has two removable blocks that allow you to customize your altar. Small items for your practice can be stored in the small drawer. The cabinet doors easily close when the altar is not in use, making it a beautiful addition to the room you meditate in.

The altar is made from alder hardwood and finished with our all-natural beeswax-based finish.”

You can visit them at:

Here is a small meditation space created in an attic, previously unused space I’m guessing. Now a beautiful meditation space that is out of the way of traffic in the house, and noise. This is the kind of space that isn’t as easy to see, and so is less of a lure (walking by the pillow and seeing it awaiting you helps keep the commitment).  Still, if this is all you have, it’s still a great option. I really love the symmetry of the space, and light. One thing to note, not everyone can face into the light while meditating.

A small meditation space located in an attic.
A small meditation space located in an attic.

I have heard of some people creating small meditation spaces in an unused closet. You could clear it out of any shelves, paint and place an altar on the back wall. It’s so easy to day to replace ceiling light fixture with beautiful soft lights. After your meditation session, roll up the rug, the zafu mat, tuck it back into the closet and shut the door. It’s perfect.

These little spaces are like a small refuge, not obtrusive, and completely created from things around the house. Think you don’t have room for a meditation space in your home? Think again, and then get to searching in your closets and storage spaces. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised at how perfect it can be. 🙂

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