Morning Meditation

There is almost nothing better than an early morning meditation (ok, maybe a cup of coffee after).

I love to wake up early before the sound of cars and kids begin to echo in the neighborhood. I open the window next to my prayer bench to smell the damp morning air, and allow the song of the cardinal that always sings outside my window in the morning in the tree across the courtyard.

I love the smell of the incense offering, and cherish that moment when, after I do three careful prostrations with the intention of offering prayers for the liberation of all sentient beings, I sit cross legged on my meditation cushion and open my iBooks with my practices, and then do my opening prayer.

The peace and quiet after the prayer is perfect. The mind settles and you sit with perfect symmetry and balance, all is right. being in the space, aware of things around you, you become still inside and out, the mind settles and in that moment you are in perfect harmony with your environment.

You have no responsibilities in that moment. No pressing engagements, no deadlines, just quiet stillness. In that moment it’s appropriate to offer that peace to every being suffering in that moment. May this perfect moment of quiet bring joy to other beings who are homeless, hungry, or physically and mentally ill. If they, in that moment, do not have the ability to find this peace, then I offer it to them praying they may, just for that second, feel this perfect quiet. My Lama, Jetsunma, taught me this.

There is almost nothing better.

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  1. Rosanna says:

    What a great way to start the day! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. married2arod says:

    That does look relaxing! I love this challenge 🙂

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