A Low Cost Meditation Space

Lantern from KmartKmart and meditation: now that’s an odd combination. But I started thinking out of the box. Let’s make a patio meditation/sacred space that is storable, multi-taskable  (doesn’t have to always act as a meditation space) and very inexpensive. This is what I came up with. Kmart for $83.63! (prices vary in different areas, and this of course does not include the view, deck or railing!). Similar items from an import or meditation store would cost close to $300!

There are two items that didn’t come from KMart – the altar and the standing grass bunch to the right of the altar. The rest…. yep, came from your local Kmart. Here are the prices.

LATERN: The beautiful candle holder came from the home and garden department and is 100% weather proof. It has a ceramic top with metal sides, and the front opens for your mosquito proof candle. While on the altar it makes a nice meditation focus (on the candle flame), and while being a patio decoration can be a hanging light that repels mosquitos. Comes in other colors, but this is avocado green. (Lantern $19.99 Candles $5.99)

Chair cushions from KmartCUSHION: Two chair cushions for kitchen chairs was in the kitchen accessories area with table clothes and towels. Two cushions look great. Trim off the tabs for tying to the chair, stack and voila – pretty good meditation cushion. There were in the ‘Carson’ series, avocado green (trendy retro), all cotton. use these on your patio chairs when not meditating! $14.99 for four.

PLANTS: Two glass jars with sand, gravel and stones planted with succulent plants – artificial (so no wilting or watering required) and rain-proof.  When the meditation space is stored they become beautiful table centerpieces for your patio table.$7.99 each.


RUG: Soft, woven, washable and from China, this rug is large and perfect padding for your ankles. It’s size is 27″ x 45″, large enough to define the space and make room for your shawl or singing bowl without crowding. In a meditation space it’s always good to have a mat or rug which acts as a pad for your feet and ankles, and helps to protect sacred items from sitting on the floor. It’s a tradition in Tibetan Buddhism to always lay sacred items anywhere but directly on the floor out of respect. The rug here is an easy $21.99.


kmartAltarALTAR: This piece has a top and is all rattan and not from Kmart. BUT, I like it because it has the ability to store items inside and looks beautiful. Kmart does have small plastic outdoor benches with storage underneath, which could be used with an table runner covering the fact that it’s plastic (and more weather resistent). Personally, I’d use this rattan altar to store all items inside the house until I was ready to meditate, but that’s my preference. You could use whatever items you want on your patio (as noted) and then put everything else in the box until you are ready to meditate.

THAT’S IT: An outdoor meditation space for your patio that is functional, weather resistant, and inexpensive. These items can add an element of beauty, elegance and the uniqueness to your patio when not serving as a meditation space feature. I’m guessing Walmart and Target can offer similar, but Kmart has a good selection.  Have fun shopping, and remember to relax!