Meditation is Better Then Spinach

When I was a kid I used to watch Popeye, the cartoon. He often ended up  with a swami giving him a magic lamp, and some mean giant- Brutus, right? – would attack him, and he’d eat spinach and it would all turn out better because he got strong.

Well… let me tell you; Meditation is better.


I remember being left to fend for myself right before my divorce -sink or swim. I was alone in a strange town, big time in debt, my marriage on the skids, frightened and filled with narcissistic self-protection – I wanted to be free of my suffering. I wanted a magic button to push, or a secret answer from someone. So I prayed, I prayed a lot, and cried, and hid from the world. Then… in walked a man who was filled with quiet confidence, simply put everything opposite to what I was in that moment. And he set me on the road to meditation, and the deep practice that I do today.

I’m still in a strange town, in debt, but not as frightened, and much calmer. I now recognize that I’m going to have moments of suffering, but I get to chose how I use those moments. As lessons, ignore them, or hold on to them and just work through the emotions. Either way, meditation to quiet my mind, give me joy and confidence helps me get through those moments much better than I did back then.

Meditate, it will change your life. And don’t just meditate, find a real accomplished master to guide you. And know that you are protected and loved each and every day of your life. Spinach? Well, I still like to eat it, but meditation makes me stronger.

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