Meditation Music

Music is one of those greats gifts in the universe that can set off different thought processes and reactions. Why not use it to set the mood or support meditation?

Be careful about choosing music from sources you do not know or are not familiar with on the web. It’s better if it’s from a recognized master or accomplished teacher, and a gifted and well known artist is a good second choice. I only mention this because the winds and channels are sensitive and music can bring harmony, but done incorrectly can bring disharmony. How can you tell? Ask a teacher to recommend a sound track, or listen carefully to your own inner intuition. Don’t think it works just because the label says it’s great. Every single person is different, what’s right for your neighbor might not be right for you.

There are many ways you can incorporate meditation music into your life and practice. Here are a few that I’ll try to cover today:

  1. Purchase a CD
  2. Download music from the web
  3. Visit YouTube
  4. Digital application – mobile

Purchase a CD

There are many well known artists that have recorded music for meditation purposes. They can be purchased in the hard-to-find music stores, but even easier is to go online. Barnes and Noble, or Amazon have a great selection of CD’s that are meant for meditation. Here are a couple that are enjoying some popularity.

Nature Sounds – Over 1,000 reviews with a 4.75 star rating: White noise from nature apps. $25.00
“Rest and Relaxation 4 Album Set”

Soundcloud – Meditation Music – A website that offers immediate streaming from anywhere free. Over 28,000 followers and 136 tracks available

Pond5- Mantras – Recorded traditional, authentic mantras – some enhanced with musical instruments.  Free, purchase an individual track or subscribe.  4.7 star rating over 12,000 reviews


I am inclined, of course, to introduce music by my own teacher, Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo. Her music is available on CD Baby and it incorporates ancient Tibetan Buddhist mantra with modern technology. It also emcompasses mystical and spiritual connections that brings tears to some listeners eyes. The one that works wonderfully well for meditation is “Invocation”. This is a short piece that plays around the clock in the prayer room at Kunzang Palyul Choling and has the precious gift of bringing auspicious clarity and purity into a room. You can download it free here.

Download from the Web

All of us have at one time tried streaming radio such as Pandora. All of these music stations have the ability to search for ‘meditation’. This choice helps us have the opportunity to try the music first before purchasing it on a CD. Even better, use one this month and change it to another the next. No need to have a computer in your meditation room, today you can simply bring your smart phone or tablet into the room or space with you. While playing the music you can either use headsets or your devices speaker.

Bluetooth Speakers

You can also purchase inexpensive blue tooth speakers that can be paired with your mobile device such as you smart phone or tablet. From that device you can stream music from the web over these speakers every time you come into the room.

Bed Bath and Beyond has some beautiful speakers that look great in a meditation space. Simply plug it into the wall, set it next to a plant or on a book shelf close by. When you enter the room simply go to your settings on your smart device and chose the blue tooth device you have already paired with earlier, then either steam from the web or play music you have downloaded onto your device before hand. This choice gives you more control over volume and bass etc.

Visit You Tube and other Video Sites

Today you can visit video sites such as YouTube to stream videos and music. Doing a search for ‘meditation music’ on YouTube will bring up a string of free videos with peaceful meditative music. Again, be careful of the source and sensitive to the intention of the composer.

Yellow Brick Cinema is on very popular channels on YouTube. One of my favorites is Tibetan Meditation Music.

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