Just for Meditation?

Meditation chair, just for meditation spaceHow many of us wish we could do meditation but haven’t. How many of us have taken a meditation class, but never used what we learned? Or purchased a book on how to meditate, filled with dreams and ideas of how we’d sit on that cushion and change our life. And yet…we just never seem to be able to get around to it.

Having a dedicated meditation space will help change that forever. Once you have a sacred space that is something you can see and easily access, you will feel drawn to it and all that it represents. If it’s done with the right motivation, you will want to return again and again like an island of peace in your life of noise, stress and responsibilities.

Creating a dedicated sacred space means that you will choose a place in your home, garden, (or office that will be used only for meditation. It will have all you need in the space to support the practice of meditation in whatever way you feel is perfect. It might have a chair, or a cushion, an altar, or a window, artwork, curtains, a mural … whatever inspires you to peaceful contemplation and quietude.

We are going to explore all the different options and ideas that come with creating such a space, and we will share some secrets of great meditation masters collected from around the world. This adventure is personal, important and can be life changing, so don’t hesitate in starting here and now! Make a promise to the universe because it can be that profound.

It’s a freedom to dream about a dedicated meditation space, and a gift to actually create it for yourself and your family. It can cost almost nothing and be made from things around the house, or you can spend a lot of money, energy and involve a lot of people making it an oasis like no one has ever seen. You can take months or years to plan it, or take just a few minutes to create it. It can also be a great adventure, a journey, and a practice. Either way, try not to let it remain a dream that does not get fulfilled.

A dedicated meditation space can help inspire us to the commitment of meditation every day. That daily practice can help give rise to quiet parts of ourselves that become open and inviting to new thoughts of patience and compassion towards others and encourage freedom from stress and suffering.

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