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Creative Meditation Spaces.

Because it’s been asked of me many times to share what I know about creating sacred spaces with beauty and creativity, the intention of this blog is to do just that.  I’m still learning, so anything you’d like to share will be welcomed! I offer my knowledge with open kindness to all who are interested. You do matter, and there are many who care. I’m one of them.

There is nothing as personal as a meditation, or a sacred space where you spend time in peaceful contemplation. Why let it be anything but beautiful, comfortable and an expression of your most creative expression. A place where you come away from self and enter what artists often call ‘the zone’. Or in the tradition of the Buddha; awakening the selfless, or non-ego.

So when we use the term meditation here we are referring to the activity of sitting quietly and engaging in whatever thought processes give you the best result for what you are seeking. Each person’s need is personal and valid. So anyone walking any path will find help in creating a space that will be what he or she needs. You don’t have to meditate; you can just use it as a quiet space to escape into.

The definition of meditation according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary is “To spend time in quiet thought for religious purposes, or relaxation.” For our purposes in this site a meditation space can be used for quiet reflection, solitude and peaceful contemplation, or as a space to engage in the practice of mantra recitation or prayer.

I love creating beautiful spaces in a home, office, or outdoors. a space that will bring quiet purpose to the intention of wanting to meditate everyday. Without a dedicated meditation space, your intention to sit quietly whenever you get the chance can go away because of worthless distractions. If you have that space, a beautiful area in a corner, or in a room, or even gardening shed, you will feel drawn to take the time to enter that space and bring peace into your life, and ultimately to all those around you.

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