Meditation Space Videos

I’ve collected a few really excellent videos on Youtube that are about creating a meditation space within your home. The idea is consistent with all that you can read  here on this site, and a few other ideas to add. Enjoy watching, being inspired, and I hope these stories give you inspiration like they have…

Small Meditation Spaces

Many think that because they live in a small space, townhouse, apartment or studio, they can’t have a space for meditation. Take heart! That is not true. Here are some ideas on how you can create a space out of almost no space at all. This little room is the loft office in my townhouse….

One Meditation Room

I’m really just a simple student of the dharma, and I’ve been trying to get deeper in the practice of meditation for 10 years. I have had some changes – I can sit for longer – I can keep my mind focused longer – but….. I’m not really accomplished at all. Still, I have a…

Meditation Room Flooring

I’ve noticed when meditating in a room with hardwood or bamboo floors the energy feels better and brighter. But without padding, (a cushion or rug) different parts of the body tend to fall asleep.  Ankles get really uncomfortable after an hour unless the cushion is thick and your feet and legs will tend to loose circulation….