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Don’t waste another moment of this lifetime waiting to create your own personal meditation space or sacred space.

How to create a meditation space in your home that is perfect, quiet or sacred spaces This kind of dedicated space can help encourage you to keep up your daily meditation practice commitment. Color, texture, sound, scent, art and mantra – all these things can subtly generate the most precious and inspirational environment imaginable. One that will be a reflection of your mind, and a perfect fit for the yearning heart that seeks a quiet and peaceful space. You will learn how to make your space unexpected, and perfectly at home. Go ahead, imagine … and then create! Your meditation space are waiting for you to begin!

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Meditation Room Altars An altar helps focus your intention and inspire your practice no matter what it is. Placed on the altar can be beautiful things that inspire you like an image of someone such as the Lady of Guadalupe, or Shakyamuni Buddha.  It’s your preference, your space. As long as it inspires focus and a way to connect with your higher self.

Meditation Spaces – Why is it important for meditation spaces to be dedicated? How do you choose just the right place for a meditation space in your home or room? What do you need to consider in that choice? By now you probably have an understanding that this adventure of creating your own meditation space can change your life, so why treat the selection of where to place that space as anything less important?

Zafu and You, Choosing the Right Cushion – There are many different types of meditation cushions, and that is probably because there are just as many different body types, levels of tolerance, and flexibility. Don’t worry, if you are the ‘I don’t need a cushion because I’m flexible with a lot of padding.’ type, or “I can’t possibly meditate because I can’t sit on the floor” type. There is a way for every one to engage in meditation with the right preparation and thought.

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